《红外光谱处理软件》(Nicolet Omnic)8.0[光盘镜像]

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英文名Nicolet Omnic
制作发行Nicolet Omnic

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隆重推出红外光谱处理软件专业版Omnic v8.0. 这是 Thermo Nicolet 公司的旗舰产品, 也是市场上最好的红外光谱处理软件. 它可以读取和处理世界上大多数厂家的红外图谱. 功能强大!!! 支持vista系统

最大特色: 增加了谱库管理功能,可直接调用库内标准谱图!!!


安装时不要解压iso文件,用虚拟光驱安装,lib.rar文件直接解压到谱图库的上级路径下(默认位置是C:My DocumentsOMNIC),不需要序列号,直接使用。


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测试系统:Windows XP
版本:5.1.2600 Service Pack 3


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OMNIC v8.0 Hot Fix
Resolved Issues
QCheck Clipboard error
Description: Spectra are now copied correctly following a previous copy to an application.
History: This problem was introduced in OMNIC 8.0
QCheck Report error
Description: Changing the report template with QCheck results in Print/Preview report will no longer generate an error message.
History: This problem was introduced in OMNIC 8.0
Atmospheric Suppression
Description: Reprocessing data with two levels of zero fill with Atmospheric Suppression
generates the spectra correctly.
History: This problem was introduced in OMNIC 7.4
Description: If Quantify is chosen with the option to save the answers to the original file using a single spectrum from a spectral group, the spectral group file is no longer overwritten, causing the other spectral group data to be lost.
History: This problem was introduced in OMNIC 8.0
Performance Verification (SPV)
Description: Performance Verification limits were established for NG11 relative to the factory data measurements.

History: This problem was introduced in OMNIC 8.0
Description: Spanish and Russian internationalization were completed and all languages
were modified to include the option to use transmittance data during preview data collection.
History: This problem was introduced in OMNIC 8.0

OMNIC v8.0
New Features
Description: The new QCheck feature allows a user to compare a spectrum to an individual
reference spectrum or to a set of reference spectra. The analysis is configured with the QCheck
Setup command found in the Analyze menu and the analysis is performed using the QCheck
command found in the same menu.
System Performance Verification (SPV)
Description: The SPV feature provides an integrated monitor to verify instrument
performance, perform “fit for purpose” tests, and inform the user when tests or maintenance have failed or need to be performed. It consists of the Instrument Status monitor, Scheduled maintenance monitor, System Suitability monitor, Performance Verification monitor, and ValPro monitor (if installed). If any of those items being monitored need to be performed or have failed, the System Status indicator changes from green to yellow or red as appropriate.
OMNIC Specta
Description: Added support for sending the selected spectrum in OMNIC to OMNIC Specta™ software for further analysis. This is accomplished using the Send to OMNIC Specta command in the Analyze menu.
Nicolet iS10
Description: Added support for the Nicolet™ iS™10 spectrometer.
Description: The ThermoIQ utility is now included with OMNIC; previously it was included with
OMNIC DS. This utility allows you to verify that the files on your computer match the files specified by the installer.
Windows Vista support
Description: OMNIC 8 is compatible with Windows Vista Business edition. However, there are two features of OMNIC DS that are not supported on Vista. See the known issues for a
description of these limitations.
Resolved Issues
Correction Settings in Experiment Setup are offset
Description: If you select ATR, H20 or CO2 Correction in Experiment Setup, the software
actually performs the correction listed one below your selection.
Thermo Scientific OMNIC Release Notes
Thermo Scientific
Page 16 of 81
History: This problem was introduced in OMNIC 7.4
Apodization and Phase Correction Settings in Spectral header of imported JCAMP files may
be incorrect
Description: The JCAMP file format does not define the apodization function or phase
correction settings of a spectrum. In previous versions, OMNIC set these values to OMNIC’s
normal defaults. In OMNIC 8 these values are set to unknown.
History: This problem was true in all versions of OMNIC that supported JCAMP.
Saving spectra with blank regions to CSV loses X value information.
Description: If you saved a spectrum with a blanked region to a CSV file, the X axis
information was incorrect for the region above the blanked area. This has been fixed.
History: This problem was true in all versions of OMNIC that supported saving to CSV
Bruker files in %Transmittance scaled incorrectly
Description: Files in the Bruker® format with data in percent transmittance (%T) were
incorrectly scaled from zero to one instead of zero to 100. This has been fixed.
History: This problem was introduced in OMNIC 7.3
OMNIC32.ini file in Windows directory no longer used
Description: Users without Administrator privileges are restricted from writing updates to the
Windows\OMNIC32.ini file in most Windows environments. OMNIC has changed to writing
shared state information to the file OmnicSettings.ini in the OMNIC data directory (usually
C:\My Documents\OMNIC). This change was necessary to make OMNIC function under
Windows Vista, but was also a problem for some Windows XP environments.
History: This file had been used since OMNIC 1
Report notebooks become corrupted when too many reports are added
Description: Report notebooks with a very large number of reports were getting corrupted and
the reports could not be read/displayed. The number of reports that caused this problem varied
depending on how many items were in each report. The incidences of corrupt notebooks that
were reported held over 10,000 reports before they were corrupted. The reporting code has
been changed to detect when an attempt it made to add a report to a notebook that is near the
limit and display an error message. The user must then create a new notebook to save the
History: This problem was introduced in OMNIC 3 when report notebooks were
OMNIC no longer allows spectra from commercial libraries to be saved
Description: Some previous versions of OMNIC were allowing spectra extracted from
commercial libraries to be saved as individual spectral data files (as .spa files for example). The
old restriction that prevents this saving has been re-instated.

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