《VCOM 系统辅助工具》(VCOM SystemSuite Professional)v7.1.1.19

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中文名VCOM 系统辅助工具
英文名VCOM SystemSuite Professional

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杀毒软件:kav 6.0
[通过安装测试]WindowsXP SP2

V-COM SystemSuite 是V Communications公司推出的一款功能非常强大的系统辅助工具包,包含SystemSuite5,Recovery Commander,MailWasher,GhostSurf,和PowerDesk5等5个强力工具,可以帮助你增强系统的稳定性和执行性能,帮助你高效的管理你的各种文档,保护你的系统和数据不被病毒或者黑客破坏,全面的分析你的系统并找出其中存在的问题,找回被误删除或者损坏的重要数据文件,帮助你自动删除垃圾邮件,并具备自动在线升级更新功能等等!V-COM SystemSuite界面友好,非常容易使用!

VCOM System Suite™ 7 Professional - Complete Protection for your PC!
VCOM System Suite Professional is a comprehensive collection of essential PC utilities designed to maintain and protect your PC to keep it running just like the day you bought it. With VCOM System Suite Professional you can improve system performance, protect your system against viruses and from hackers, diagnose computer problems, recover lost data, protect against email spam, and much, much more!
VCOM System Suite brings true integration to its award-winning suite of utility products. Developed from the ground up, VCOM System Suite is a combination of powerful utility packages that work and act like one comprehensive software program – a one stop shop for all your PC maintenance and performance needs. You can also check the status of your system with our QuickStatus screen.
Tune-up, protect, diagnose, fix, clean, recover, and manage your PC with over 60 powerful, award-winning tools. System Suite 7 Professional works the way you want to work. It offers fully customizable installation that allows you to install only the tools you want. And if you change your mind, you can easily go back and add or remove components at any time.
Designed to work on all of today's Windows operating systems, VCOM System Suite Professional is the only utility you’ll ever need for your day-to-day PC maintenance. The easy-to-use, integrated interface allows you to defragment your hard drive, check for viruses, fix the Windows registry, diagnose hardware, and much more – all from inside one Window.


Key Features:
- Anti-Spyware
- QuickStatus
- NetDefense™ Personal Firewall
- VirusScanner™ Pro
- One-Click Solutions
- Optimization Tools
- Diagnostic Tools
- Fix Tools
- Data Recovery Tools
- Uninstall Tools
- Cleanup Tools
- Zip Utilities
- Other cool tools
- Powerful File Management
- VCOM Anti-Spam
VCOM System Suite Professional includes:
* Utilities™
Keep your system running better, faster, longer! Improve system performance, speed program launch times, diagnose and fix problems, and detect hard drive problems early. Utilities includes a high-powered disk defragmenter, easy one-step maintenance wizards, ultimate tools for maintaining the Windows registry, a PC clock synchronizer, and more!
* NetDefense™ Firewall
The ultimate defense against hackers! NetDefense is an advanced personal firewall protects your PC from hackers and other malicious intruders. NetDefense personal firewall is a must-have security measure for any PC that connects to the Internet. NetDefense gives you complete confidence that your critical personal, financial, business, and other data will remain safe and private.
* VirusScanner™ Pro
World-class antivirus protection that allows you to scan email and files automatically in real-time, or on demand. VirusScanner Pro also scans email as it arrives and files as they are opened. Updates are downloadable 24 hours a day from the VCOM website to ensure that you always have the most current protection available.
* Stop Pesky Programs From Slowing You Down
Identifies programs and lets you monitor and remove startup programs that slow down and may even harm your system! Startup Commander lets you view and control which programs start within Windows.
* EasyUninstall™
The easiest and most complete way to uninstall unwanted programs, remove Internet clutter, safely move programs to a different drive or computer, and back up and restore installed programs.
* Recovery Commander ™ 3
Recovery Commander 3 is fully integrated with System Suite and now includes the ability to save and restore Windows XP checkpoints and save and restore Recover Commander's expanded checkpoints. Advanced features include the ability to see a selected checkpoint differences with the current system, and select specific items to restore. Restore checkpoints from within Windows or from our bootable rescue Disk.
* Rescue Disk
Bootable Rescue CD includes full NTFS support and easy to use XP style interface. Rescue disk is not dependent on Windows and works to bring failing and non-booting Windows environments back to health.
* SecurErase™ Drive Erasure
If you are recycling, donating, reassigning, or disposing of your PC, SecurErase enables you to easily, quickly and permanently delete all of the personal and confidential data on a hard drive.

Homepage - http://www.v-com.com/product/SystemSuite_Home.html






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